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We have a clear and simple fee structure so you can easily keep track of your website and/or hosting commitments.

Website Design & Development - everything to get your website going

Including initial consultation, design, creation of draft site, development of your website, .co.uk domain name registration, first year hosting set-up, publication of your new website, initial fine tuning of your website, email account set-up.

  1 page website 199  
  2 page website 249  
  3 page website 299  
  4 page website 349  
  5 page website 399  

5+ page website will be charged at our hourly rate, minimum fee will be 449

Annual Maintenance Fees - once your site is up and running

Ongoing annual fees applicable from end of first year to include renewal of hosting services, renewal of domain name registration, and two ad-hoc updates of upto 30 minutes each during the year.

  Website with .com domain name from 129*  
  Website with .co.uk domain name from 119*  

* depending on hosting option selected, see below for details

Just Hosting - if you already have your own website and want to save money
We have three options available:
1. hosting at web147.com
your website name will be of the format www.web147.com/yourname suitable for non-business websites.
2. domain name only
you will already have your own domain name* such as www.yourname.com and this will automatically forward your users to your hosting space at web147.com as above - low cost alternative for a small business website, you get the benefit of using your own domain name without the cost of full hosting.
3. full hosting
you will already have your own domain name* such as www.yourname.com and we will setup your own hosting space - provides the the most professional image.

* if you do not already have your own domain name we can get one registered and setup for you for an additional fee, see ad-hoc fees below

Ad-Hoc Fees - for any extras you may want
  additional .co.uk domain name 15  
  additional .com domain name 25  
  additional web page 75  
  ad-hoc work at hourly rate of 20  
  on-site digital photography 30 per hour plus travel

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